Full Size Candle Gift Set - Flamingo Estate
Full Size Complete
Candle Gift Set

3-Set of our most
popular candles.

Botanical Bathing Gift Set - Flamingo Estate
Botanical Bathing
Gift Set

Shampoo, Conditioner,
Body Wash, Hand Soap

Garden Immunity Gift Set - Flamingo Estate
Garden Immunity
Gift Set

Immunity Tincture, Honey,
Hand Sanitizer, Hand Soap

Clarifying Sage Gift Set - Flamingo Estate
Clarifying Sage
Gift Set

Chocolate, Candle,
Soap, Tincture, Face Mist

Revitalizing Rosemary Gift Set - Flamingo Estate
Revitalizing Rosemary
Gift Set

Chocolate, Candle,
Shampoo, Face Mist

Herbal Tincture Collection - Flamingo Estate
Herbal Tincture

Complete set of five tinctures
to feel good.

Soothing Mist Gift Set - Flamingo Estate
Soothing Mist
Gift Set

Hydrating, refreshing
and smells incredible.

Hinoki Hand Sanitizer - Flamingo Estate
Hinoki Hand

Rosemary, Vetiver,
Hinoki, Eucalyptus

Organic Chocolate Gift Set - Flamingo Estate
Organic Chocolate
Gift Set

Tuscan Sage, Fennel
Pollen, Fig & Ginger

Green Banksia Wreath - Flamingo Estate
Green Banksia

Densely crafted to let
this wreath dry beautifully.

Queen Protea Wreath - Flamingo Estate
Queen Protea
Holiday Wreath

Densely crafted to let
this wreath dry beautifully.

Biodynamic Steam Gift Set - Flamingo Estate
Biodynamic Steam
Gift Set

Steams for Immunity,
Vitality, Serenity


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