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All three of our seasonal 72% dark chocolates, showered with delicious garden ingredients by Condor Chocolates in Georgia. 

In this gift set:

Tuscan Sage, Puffed Buckwheat, Black Pepper 
The best dark chocolate showered in Tuscan sage, puffed buckwheat and black pepper by Condor Chocolates in Georgia and wrapped in hazy summer images of pleasure in the garden. 

Fennel Pollen, Indian Sesame Seed, Pink Sea Salt 
Bright and complex, with a nutty release of oils from sesame seeds and full of joyful summer tones from the fennel pollen. By Condor Chocolates.  

Black Mission Fig, Orchard Rosemary, Ginger Root
Herbaceous sage and pepper are balanced with a light crunch from puffed buckwheat, showered on rich dark chocolate. By Condor Chocolates