Queen Protea Wreath - Flamingo Estate
Queen Protea
Holiday Wreath

Densely crafted to let
this wreath dry beautifully.

Native Botanical Hand Soap - Flamingo Estate
Native Botanical
Hand Soap

Sage, Ylang Ylang,
Tulsi, Yarrow, Chamomile

Adriatic Muscatel Sage Candle - Flamingo Estate
Adriatic Muscatel
Sage Candle

Sacred, spiritual and
wholly transportive.

Limited-Edition Panettone - Flamingo Estate

The quintessential
Italian holiday cake.

CSA Organic Farmboxes - Flamingo Estate
CSA Organic

Enjoy a selection
of the week’s harvest.

From $25
Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Flamingo Estate
Extra Virgin
Olive Oil

Full of healthy fats,
flavorful and dynamic.

Hinoki Hand Sanitizer - Flamingo Estate
Hinoki Hand

Rosemary, Vetiver,
Hinoki, Eucalyptus

Chrissy Teigen’s Orchard Jams - Flamingo Estate
Chrissy Teigen’s
Orchard Jams

Chrissy Teigen Set
benefitting Baby2Baby

Green Banksia Wreath - Flamingo Estate
Green Banksia

Densely crafted to let
this wreath dry beautifully.


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