• Pleasure from the farm

    Fresh, weekly harvest delivered across Los Angeles.
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    “One of America’s most
 eclectic and unique projects.”
    “The Chicest
 farmstand in LA”
    “Delights the senses 
and nurture the soul”

The Farmers Market, delivered.

Enjoy a rotating selection of locally grown organic vegetables harvested at the peak of ripeness.

Our Beliefs

1 Pleasure is a human right.

2 We use the highest quality ingredients possible; given the choice between something cheap or something good,
we always choose good.

3 Mother nature is our doctor,
therapist, and friend.

4 We have dirty hands; supporting biodiversity, soil enrichment, ecosystem health and regenerative farm practices.

5 Growers and makers who share
our values have a home here.

6 We plant one tree for
every product sold.