Hippeastrum Bukasovii Bulbs


Exceedingly rare species from the mountains of Peru, where it grows at elevations of up to 6000 feet. The flowers are deep crimson, edged with cream, and unlike anything else we’ve seen. These bulbs are a gift fit for royalty.

Each gift box arrives with 5 bulbs and a note on planting and care instructions.

Box of 5

There’s something so beautiful about gifting bulbs for someone to plant, a gift that will bloom in the future. So when we started to look for our favorite bulbs, Jeff (our horticulturist) suggested Diana Chapman. She cultivates extremely rare and endangered bulbs from around the world, many that have never been offered for sale before. These are exquisite treasures from Mother Nature. They are not your run-of-the-mill tulip bulbs — they are precious gifts from around the world to grow and savor.

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