Biodynamic Serenity Steam

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California Poppy, Chamomile, Lemon Balm, Lavandin Oil
Vapor from this blend of sedative biodynamic botanicals helps create well being, with soothing effects from the essential oils of Lavadin. Add two generous spoonfuls to a small bowl of boiling water, rest your face over the bowl and inhale with focus.

How We Made This
Gabriel Noard has created a remarkable, sustainable family farm. He’s deeply committed to using only the purest, most sustainable techniques to grow his medicinal herbs. Harvested to the highest biodynamic standards, with a clear intention to heal people and the plant. We’re honored to collaborate with his Pangaea farm, and inspired by his passion for healing.

60ml   2oz

Our Beliefs 

  • Pleasure is a human right. 
  • We use the highest quality ingredients possible; given the choice between something cheap or something good, we always choose good. 
  • Mother Nature is our doctor, therapist and friend. 
  • We have dirty hands, supporting biodiversity, soil enrichment, ecosystem health and regenerative farm practices.
  • Growers and makers who share our values have a home here. 
  • We plant 1 tree for every product sold.